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China sevices international (Changchun Market) is held by the bureau of the national foreign expert and people's government of Changchun, and it is undertaken by the leading group office of Changchun Talent , Changchun personnel bureau, Changchun foreign expert bureau and it is an organization working together with Changchun Talent Market.

Its objective is to use both the international and the domestic markets to bring in the talent. It depends on overseas channels from the bureau of the national foreign expert to provide directly the soft resources for the international talent. It provides intelligence safeguard to promote vigorously old industrial base of Changchun and the comprehensive construction of the well-off society . It has formidable information resource and good social impression from Talent Market of Changchun and it has formed the visible market and the invisible market, and the media market linkage by using of the effective form such as the webside and the method of employment on spot,thus becoming the biggest center to collect and distribute the talent within the province.

Business Scope

1 To collect store and release the supply and demands for international talents.

2 To hold the international talent exchange exhibition.

3 To carry out the recommendation, introduction, headhunting and assignment work for the international talents.

4To carry out the training work for international talents.

5To carry out the personnel affair service for talents from the abroad.

6To carry out other related business for international talents.

Welcome the whole socioty especially the talents both from home and abroad to come here

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